About Us

Sageworks possesses a broad, expandable technology that allows for the rapid analysis, interpretation, and aggregation of financial data. We use artificial intelligence (AI) to generate nearly all of our reports and analytics. The AI contains thousands of expert system rules, thousands of text pages, and industry benchmark data, all of which allow the technology to produce unique reports that change as company data changes. Customers receive individual and specific content based upon their financial data. For example, each time you run one of our narrative reports, you will receive one of thirty-two trillion possible reports that our system is capable of producing. In short, all of our technologies have been developed to be "smart.”


Nearly all of Sageworks' technologies are built on "FIND,” a patented technology that converts financial numbers into narrative text. FIND is a truly expandable and adaptable technology.

Patented FIND Engine Technology - Patent Number 6,968,316

"Systems, Methods, and Computer Program Products for Producing Narrative Financial Analysis Reports."